How it all began

In 1922, a young Hungarian by the name of Hugo Ormo, opened a restaurant on the Cohasset Harbor and named it Kimball’s Lobster Shop. In 1926 he opened his second restaurant on the border line of Cohasset and Sctiuate called Hugo’s (then to be named The Golden Rooster at 78 border st.). Soon after, he opened a third restaurant across the street and named it Hugo’s Annex at 77 border st. He operated these three restaurant's during the 1930's. During those times another restaurant opened at the Cohasset Harbor known as the Lobster Claw, and was owned by Mr. Makris. Mr. Makris could not compete with Hugo and had to close in the late ‘30s. Hugo leased the property and created Hugo’s Lighthouse at 44 border st. At that time he owned four restaurants, so he decided to take the Hugo’s Restaurant and turn it into his home.

In 1945, the Hugo’s Annex was destroyed by fire and Hugo was too old and too ill to rebuild. The next year, 1946, Hugo passed away.

After Hugo’s death, his wife retired from the business and she sold Hugo’s to John Doherty. He and his wife changed the name of Hugo’s to the Scituate Cabins, and ran it through the fifties and late sixties.

In 1967, he sold it to Nick Sampson and he renamed it the Cock and Kettle which he operated until 1972.

In 1972, Louis Zervas, now present owner, purchased the Cock and Kettle and changed the name to the Golden Rooster. 

Louis Zervas came to America in 1957, where he started working as head chef in the most prominent restaurants, which led him to the Cock and Kettle where he was master chef and was in charge of maintaining two restaurants, one in Uxbridge and the other being Scituate, where he continues the tradition of running a family-style restaurant using the same old fashioned recipes and home-made style cooking.

From 1972 his family took pride in giving their customers the three most important ingredients to make a successful business. 1- Quality food, 2- excellent service, 3- warm and unique atmosphere. To this present day George and Angela Lazaris are continuing the legacy that Louis and Niki Zervas have accomplished.